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Andaran Atish'an [Elf Inspired Look] by Jounka
Andaran Atish'an [Elf Inspired Look]
Photographer: Micah Sixeight

After thinking about it for some time, I've finally did an elven inspired look - I'm totally elf-obsessed since Battle of the Five Armies and Dragon Age. Really glad that this look turned out as nice as it did!


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An entity, interested in little bits of make up, music and gaming. Greatest achievement is being alive since birth! An enthusiast about Visual Kei and Cosplay styling and make up.
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I was reading a discussion on how LoTR and The Hobbit movies are far removed from the book and hence do not respect Tolkien's work on Middle-Earth.

I know that it's very easy to make such a judgement call, I do it sometimes too. However, I can't help but think - is it truly worth while to debate about such things. Is it truly worth the time to moan about how adaptations don't stay true to the original work?

I mean, I'm not one to enjoy "fan additions" myself. I remember when Frozen was all the rage, there was this wave of people saying that a fan written song should have been in the movie - Elsa singing that she would indeed like to build a snowman. I don't believe it should, while it fits into the story, it distracts from Elsa's state of mind and situation. It takes away from her feeling of isolation and makes Anna's journey questionable - people who feel isolated don't reach out, they run away. If Elsa wanted to reach out, it wouldn't make sense for Anna to have made her journey. Not to say that Elsa wouldn't have thought about building snowman with her little sister - but Elsa is someone who was running away, from her fear and isolation. While the whole fan written song was nice and did fit, it wouldn't fit into the movie itself. Can it be canon? Of course, it could but it doesn't mean it "should" be in the movie.

Just as how Tolkien fans criticise Peter Jackson for deviating from the original works of Tolkien. How he added in Tauriel and Legolas into Desolation of Smaug. I have yet to watch both Hobbit movies - but I think to nitpick the changes he made for the LoTR movies is a little pedantic. Every medium is limited - movies can't last longer beyond a certain point neither can they be too short till they can't tell the story. I guess, often I find that you can't feel too entitled to want someone else's work to fit your views - there are those who dislike Tauriel because she's not a Tolkien character and the reason of adding her is silly. Yet, I can't help but think if they didn't add her in, there will be those who complain that there are no female characters - thus labelling the movie sexist. (Knowing the current climate of heavy scrutinising media about the portrayal of women is under right now.)

Maybe my point is, it's very easy to say what you, as an audience member, feel should be in and shouldn't be in. But until you get on the other side of the stage and become a content creator, director, play wright or writer yourself, all of what I am saying is just grumpy artist talk.

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Thank you! ^_^;; My favourite band is the GazettE personally!
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I actually started out hating make up. *laughs* I only started after I discovered Visual Kei about 4 years ago. Even then, I just wore eyeliner because my mother was a bit cautious about the whole style. But she never stopped me! So I continued~ But I only got serious about it 2 years ago? When I really started doing make up the way I do now.
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